The project

How to deal with fear

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, many people feel threatened, insecure and scared.

People are in shock. The war in Ukraine has led to an unprecedented collapse of optimism about the future. Only 19 percent of the German population are still optimistic about the next twelve months. The majority, on the other hand, is deeply concerned.

In order to provide assistance in dealing with fears and uncertainties on a daily basis in these times, several companies and start-ups have launched the charitable non-profit campaign How To Deal With Fear.

Free videos on how to deal with and overcome fears about the war "on your doorstep" are shared on a public website that is open to all. Experienced and established therapists and experts provide knowledge that can help in dealing with fears about the future. The videos are dubbed or subtitled in several languages.

Who is the action aimed at?

This action is aimed at all people who are currently very worried about the war, who have fears about the future and/or their existence, who do not know how to deal with the situation, who feel insecure and psychologically overwhelmed. In short, everyone who experiences a psychological burden - from mild to severe - from the war in their own bodies or with their loved ones, e.g. their own children. We want to give these people support and assistance.

Who is behind the action?

This is a joint action by several German medium-sized companies or start-ups. Each company contributes its share to the success of the project (e.g. creation of the website, promotion of the project, content management and design, hosting and translation of the videos, etc.).
Furthermore, the campaign is supported by renowned therapists and experts from Germany and Europe, who bring the campaign to life with their video contributions.

  • Couch:now (E-Health Evolutions GmbH)
    Mannheim - content management, therapist network, concept
  • Performance One AG, Mannheim
    Website, announcement, social media, project management
  • Alugha GmbH, Mannheim
    Hosting and translation of the videos
  • Famefabrik, Mannheim
    Revision of the videos (sound and image)
  • ZUCKER.Kommunikation GmbH, Berlin and Markengold GmbH, Berlin
    Press relations